Children in care council

What is the Children in Care Council?

The children in care council are a group of around 27 young people, who are looked after by St Helens Council. The young people meet once a month to talk about the issues that matter the children in care. What they discuss is recorded and actions are often agreed to progress any issues that are raised.

What We Do?

The Children in Care Council meet monthly to try and make things better for children in care. At meetings we agree what we are going to work on together. We often work in small groups to make sure that everyone gets heard, even the quiet voices. When we have our ideas together, we then meet with the Director of Children's Services and the Lead Member for Children and Young People. These people listen to us and look at how we can make changes.

We also get the chance to go on activities together. Recently we have been bowling as a way of getting to know new members and gone on an outdoor pursuits day, doing raft building and climbing.