Me and my reviews

When you first become looked after you, your parents, carers, and your social worker meet to make sure all the important arrangements have been made. This includes contact with friends and family, how you will get to school and any health issues, as well as the things you like to do etc. This helps everyone get to know each other. This is called a placement meeting.

The next review meeting will happen within the next 20 working days and this is a meeting where you will meet your Independent Reviewing Officer (see under people that support me) and from then on your reviews will happen every six months.

Why do I have these meetings?

The reason review meetings happen is to give you and the people helping you an opportunity to discuss your living arrangements and everything else that affects your care.

Who comes to my reviews? Your Social Worker will ask you who you think should come to your review.  Usually, this would include the Independent Reviewing Officer, who is in charge of the meeting, your Social Worker, your carer, your parents/family, and most importantly YOU.   It might also be a good idea for people who know you to come to the review, for example your teacher.

How can I get my say?

As it is your meeting, it is important that your views are heard. Your Social Worker will talk about the future plans with you before the review and you can tell them how you feel.

If you feel unable to come to the review, your Social Worker, or your Advocate (see people that support me), will let people know what you think and feel.  You can also have an Advocate at the meeting with you.  If you think an Advocate might help you have your say, ask your Social Worker to put you in touch with one.  

Another way to get your views across is by filling in the consultation form.  You will be sent a consultation form before the review meeting.  This is for you to write down all the things you want raised at the meeting.  An Advocate, or anyone else that you trust, can help you fill this in if you don't want to do it on your own.

Before the meeting, the Independent Reviewing Officer will offer you the opportunity to talk to him/her on your own about the meeting and also the plans that have been made for you. 

What happens at the meeting?

Before the meeting your Social Worker will have written a report and you should be able to see this beforehand.  The report covers things like your health, how you are getting on with your education, what other activities you are doing, if things are OK where you are living, and if you are happy with the contact you have with your family. 

The Independent Reviewing Officer will start the meeting by asking everyone there to say who he or she is.  The Independent Reviewing Officer will give everyone a chance to talk about how things are, the plans that have been made and any changes that may need to be made. The Independent Reviewing Officer will be taking notes at the meeting of what has been recommended. 

What is my care plan?

Social Services have to write down what they will do to help you.  This is called a Care Plan.

It says what we are going to do to support your health, education, religion, culture and hobbies, and how long it is thought you will need to be looked after for.  It is also agreed how social services can help you have contact with family and friends.

Your Care Plan is discussed at your looked after reviews and it is at these meetings that any changes can be agreed.